Has anyone made a maloof rocker?

I haven’t purchased the files just yet as they are a bit spendy, but he warned me that double sided cutting tends to stump most with hobby cnc machines. The person who made these plans seemed to think I was biting off a bit more than I could chew without an industrial CNC and it gave me pause on buying the files. Has anyone made a maloof style rocker with their Shapeoko? Any tips or tricks that you would suggest for double sided cutting?

Which machine do you have?

What are the dimensions of the largest part?

According to:

24" x 48" should work, so you should be good to go w/ an SO5 Pro 4x2 or 4x4.

Double-sided cutting is just a matter of getting the indexing right and flipping in the correct orientation.

My suggestion would be to start by scaling the plans down to a size for a doll and building the scale model first — that should keep material costs reasonable for test cuts, then you can take the full-size plans and cut them in something inexpensive as a test before committing to the final material.


It’s a 4x4 SO5 Pro. That’s good advice thank you!

As a very wise printer once said,

You’re a dummy if you don’t make a dummy.

For furniture, a maquette, or scale model is an affordable entrée — bonus points if you can make it in a size which matches the dolls of some little girl you know.