Having fun with my new Nomad

Simple 2D to start, going to start learning Fusion next…




Fusion is amazing! Just making sure you know it is free for hobbyists - non commercial use.
I almost bought it a while back haha until someone told me.


Yep, I got approval for ‘startup’ use. :+1:

Awesome! What was the startup approval process like? I haven’t worried about this yet since I’ve only done projects for personal use but hopefully I’ll need to worry about machine being cash flow positive someday.

Also, I am clueless with woodworking, how do you get the contrast to show up between face and body? What cutting tool(s) did you use to make this?

Awesome work!

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Welcome aboard! Always good to see a new Nomad user!


Tony, I did a glueup before I started - same idea as the sample project with the carbide logo.

The fusion application took about 10 mins to fill out on their site - very straightforward. They just wanted website for business and some info on #of employees and revenue.