Having trouble loading outline svg files in save as for carbide create

Having trouble loading in save as for carbide create.

I’m not 100% sure what you are saying…(1) but perhaps you can post your file so that we can look at it, and (2) tell us what version of CC you are using
Having trouble loading in (Open, Import, and Save as)?

The community has the following notes on importing SVGs:

Note that text is not supported, so type will need to be converted to paths (Path | Object to Path in Inkscape) — save the original and re-save the version with text converted to paths under a different filename since it will be difficult to edit.

View in outline mode (View | Display Mode | Outline in Inkscape) to see what Carbide Create will import — only path geometry drawn with narrow black lines will be imported.

  • ensure that all possible paths are closed — for open paths, expand the strokes so that a fill of a closed path represents the desired appearance
  • no overlapping or intersecting geometry (if possible — overlapping geometry is often discarded)
  • no pixel images
  • some files will work more reliably when winding direction is correct (outermost path is counterclockwise, next is clockwise and alternate as needed)
  • complex structures can interfere with import — ungroup down to just paths, joining them all into a composite path will help with the above
  • some programs don’t provide a size, specifying 100% for dimensions — please edit them to specify dimensions (SVG is just XML) or open in Inkscape and resave

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