HD eccentric too tight

Anyone else upgraded to HD eccentric’s and couldn’t get them in the hole?

Struggling with my Early 2017-era machine…


My left hand eccentric even when in the hole-down fully loose position was really tight, I ended up using a very fine abrasive paper to artificially wear the V wheel to get clearance, not a fix I’d recommend.

Probably worth pinging support and asking what they suggest.

I just installed HD eccentrics on my 2019 machine. They were tight enough that I couldn’t press them in bare-handed, but they snugged in nicely when tightening the V wheel screws. Have you tried that? Or are you saying they’re so tight you can’t even get them started in the hole?

Ah yes,

I had to put the V wheel in place, put the bolt through and get the eccentric on the end, slightly clear of the HDZ plate before trying to tighten things up, no way it was going together if I put the eccentric in the HDZ to start with.

My issue was the hole being too tight, not v-wheel clearance.

I ended up ensuring the mark was up and the wheel not touching and then starting the screw through the wheel into the HD eccentric nut until it was tight. Then beating on the nut to force it in a bit, screwing more etc until the nut was fully seated

I hope I didn’t break anything!

Does the eccentric nut still turn cleanly in the hole?

Any sign of where it was tight or is it all around and full depth of the hole?

Were you using the standard or the HD eccentric nuts?

With some difficulty they do turn – had to use a wrench instead of a nut driver to get enough leverage.

Seemed to be the full depth – perhaps my powder coating was a bit thicker than others.

I was swapping our standard for the HD upgrade while also upgrading to the Z+, Bit setter, Bit Runner, etc.

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If you’ve got the Z+ then yes, the powder coat inside the hole could well be an issue as that’s not a consistent thickness. Might be worth taking a scraper and clearing out the inside of the hole and then trying the assembly again.

The holes on the Z+ were easy, These were on the 2 Y carriages.

The powder coat can be a bit of a pain, but it’s very good at staying attached and preventing the steel rusting so overall I think it earns it’s place.

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