HDM Chiller Error - Help I want to get running

I just got my HDM up and ready run but now the chiller has an error code so I can not get up and running. Has anyone had the same issue, I can not find any info on how to trace the problem


Give us the error you are getting. There may be a lot of possible errors. Always include as much info as you can when asking for help. Good Luck

Sorry it is the E0 Water Flow Alarm - I tested it and the pump is running and pushing fluid thru the tubes, so it has to be a bad sensor?

I had this too. I removed some fluid, maybe a quart, the error went away

Just tried that while on with Carbide Support and no fix. They are looking at a new unit

Had the same error. I used a 70% mixture of AF and water. Diluted down to 50% and it went away.

Interesting, my new chiller did the same and just tried this on both and it’s all good. I’m guessing they need to update the manual to use 50/50 antifreeze not mix your own

Do you think it makes a difference using IAT, inorganic additive technology like classic Prestone or OAT organic acid tecnology used in Toyotas and newer GM vehicles. Since most modern cars have aluminium engines and the chillers are likely aluminum which would be better?

I too wonder what antifreeze would be best if it matters at all.

I have been using strait distilled water and can see discoloring in the tubing by the spindle from mild corrosion in the spindle. Probably small amounts of iron in the Chinese stainless steel. It started to discolor before I even ran my first job so I will be swapping to 50/50 antifreeze to prevent any further corrosion.

You can see the same discoloration on Carbides HDM tubing in it’s video. I noticed when I would start the chiller a small amount of discolored water come out of the spindle. It only happens when it sits for a couple days with no use.

Does anyone know what the safe temp range is for the spindle when running? I don’t remember seeing any charts in the manual but would like to know where it should be while running in the summer so I can keep an eye on it.

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