HDM not in job setup

I have an HDM and have been selecting Shapeoko 4 (by default) under job setup in carbide create. I’ve already cut a few jobs so far and some things aren’t exactly right with the finished piece. The depth isn’t consistent in the letters i’m cutting with a 60 degree Vbit. Just wondering if it’s as simple as changing to the right machine during job setup, or something else.

Make sure you are running the latest CM, that may give you more choices for the machine type. When you are vcarving the surface of the material must be perfectly level or you will get inconsistent results. So Tramming is very important as well as the level of your spoilboard. Remotely possible could also be if your bit is loose and is moving up and down in the router collet. But I would look at flattening and tramming first. If you suspect the bit then simply put a black magic marker on the shaft of the mounted router bit. Then after running a job visually check that the mark has not moved up or down. Lastly always check all your mechanics when having inconsistent results. Motor pulley set screws and so on plus on the ballscrew machines lubrication of your rails and ballscrews. If this is a new HDM that is not going to be an issue but later on you have to lubricate the machine regularly.

Latest CM version confirmed build 575 release 11-17-22. However the machine selection I was referring to was not in Carbide Motion but in Carbide Create which I also have the latest version of software. I will however try some of your methods of making sure the bit isn’t slipping. But your other assumption is correct, it is a new HDM and just got it up and running. I’ll report back any updates. Thanks for your help

The machine selection in Carbide Create is an artifact from when the machine limited by machine size and calculated feeds and speeds — it doesn’t do any of those things, for machine selection is decorative and immaterial, save as a note/reminder.

I found the solution and it was much more simple than originally thought. The Vbit blade was pushed inward just slightly. Considering it was a new bit and blade I didn’t think to look at it. Straightened it out seemed to fix the plunging on each letter edge issue.

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