HDM, worth the wait?

Lower RPM w/ torque to actually cut is almost always useful, but I’ll leave that to folks who have made use of it to speak to.

from my experience, there is no real need of lower RPMs for milling material. It can come in handy for drilling ops in metal (but then again a CNC is not the best tool to drill metal). Another interesting usecase I have found that does require very low RPM is using a mechanical edge finder (they are usually rated at 500 to 1000RPM max)

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I took a look at the link for the spindle you provided. Dont forget to include the price for extra collets. You could remove your bits from the collets each time you change bits but that defeats the purpose of having a quick change spindle collets holding your bits. You would want to have your most popular bits in their own collet and maybe a couple of empty ones for bits you dont use too much. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples and not to oranges.

It is unfortunate that the import laws and taxes make the machines so much more for Europe than here in the USA.

Good Luck with your choices.

Edit: I went to look at the spindle again and I guess it uses ER16 collets. I had assumed it had some type of collet that captured your tools like the ones that automatic changers use. So not sure but you may not need multiple collets if it is releasing the pressure on an ER16 collet.

It looks like the ER16 collets are about 28.5 Euros each. They recommend only using their brand of collets.

Yes, the shipping and tax to Norway is big chunk of the cost.

If you look 1:15 out in this video you’ll see that he have stocket quite a few nuts and collets ready to go into the tool changer, so yes I think one will have to buy some extra. SPINDLE WITH MANUAL TOOL CHANGE SYSTEM - FOR PROFESSIONALS - YouTube

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To present a non-c3d option:

I bought a G-Penny spindle and VFD from AliExpress for €340. The particular Chinese vendor I chose has a German shipping office so bypasses a few European tax issues.

The spindle is absolutely perfect, uses an ER20 collet, and I can’t imagine my machine without it (disclaimer - I’ve never run my Shapeoko with a conventional router so that assertion is probably meaningless).

This is an alternate route to the same goal, but a machine with a spindle compared to one with a mounted “hand-held router” is like chalk to cheese… (I like cheese in this comparison where cheese is the spindle)

Tanks Gerry, I’ll look into that spindle

So I think I have come up with some final thoughts here, since Carbide3d wont ship the HDM internationally, I really don’t think the PRO with all its add on will be worth the $6000 for me as it’s still a belt driven Shapeoko.
I’ve been looking at quite some few other’s and really like the Sorotec compact line 0605, it comes out in total like the pimped up Shapeoko PRO but is with linear rails and ball screws. Including a 1,5kw spindle and VDF.

Anyone in here have any experience with any of the Sorotec routers?

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