HDZ 3.3 V wheels and shims?

Hello, I ordered an HDZ Last week
Started putting it together this morning.
I got the the installation of the V wheels and found out they are not with the rest of the parts that came with it!

I have numerous V wheels from a maintenance kit that are new, but I don’t have the shins noted in the install instructions.

Can I still assemble the unit with an alternative to the shims that were not in the box?

I don’t know what they are or look like as there isn’t a photo of them on the instructions.


If you still have the M5 shims that were on the V-wheels on your old Z axis, they’ll work

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image I do but they just look like a plain old washer?
Is that what they are calling a shim?

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The install instructions for HDZ 3.2 actually had this sentence and pic :
" Shims - Please fit it with the bubble side up i.e. on the left and not in the right. If your V-wheels are not turning freely check this washer"

Just to chime in, if you are missing bit, let support know and they will ship you our replacements.

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image I already sent an email.

I got the top two V wheels on but I don’t have the M5x25 Screw :slightly_frowning_face:
Are the eccentric nuts for the bottom v wheel supposed to be threaded?
The old Z they are, the HDZ eccentrics are not they are just smooth bore so I don’t see how they can be tightened??

The non threaded eccentrics are for the EZY Tram. Are you missing the threaded HD eccentrics?

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image Guess so! Didn’t make sense

As Julian said the V wheels are the same as for standard Shapeoko. My recent upgrade to 3.3.1 instructions say that the V wheels are clear but mine were the black ones. So if you can take the v wheels off your old Z they will work. On my upgrade the bottom wheels were so close that I had to take the screws out (and washers) hold the v wheel and put the screw through the v wheel and just able to get the washer between the plate and v wheel. I had the ecentric with the dot up that gives you the lowest that the v wheel can go. Not a big deal but you need a third hand to get the wheels on.

I had posted on the forum and asked the question about any tips and/or tricks about installing the HDZ. One reply said to check your inventory before starting. I had 4 stepper motor screws missing but was able to use the original screws from the standard Z carriage. Otherwise all my parts were there. Some others have complained about missing parts. So check your inventory before starting the upgrade and see if you need to go to the hardware store before starting. Carbide 3d will make it good but that takes time and sometimes the hardware purchase is a better use of your time opposed to waiting for shipping.


I don’t have any eccentric nuts!
They were not in the box,
The original Z carriage but vary greatly from the HDZ ones.
Wheels are not the issue.
I have many of those.

I’m missing the 4 - M5x25 screws
4 V wheel shims
4 V wheels
2 Threaded HD Eccentric nuts.

I’ve called them, no answer.
Sent emails on Saturday , but still no response.

Let me know via PM your e-mail address and we’ll try to puzzle out what has happened here.

Please accept our apologies for taking so long to respond.

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