HDZ 55mm Spindle


I have a 55mm spindle w/mounting clamp and HDZ w/ standard 80mm (DeWalut) mounting plate that doesn’t match up to mount spindle/mount.

Anyone have suggestions?

How does the mount look like on the eazy tram plate. Enough meat to machine a new pattern and countersink?

Its a small spindle so you shouldn’t be worried about anything moving around too much.


Wild thought: would the spindle body itself (detached from its backplate) fit inside a 65mm diameter hole ?
If so, you could look at using the stock (Dewalt/Makita) router mount, and mill an adapter piece that would have an outer diameter of 65mm, and an inner hole matching the cross section of the spindle body.


I’m concerning mounting the aluminum spindle mount to the HDZ plate. There is enough meat that might take a small washer or two to make it flush when mounted back onto the HDZ. I’m having issues finding a tie and tap for machine tread to complete the project. It’s never easy to upgrade…heck this might be a downgrade. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Looks like way to much trouble.

Get a lathe person to run a 69-55 split ring for you, done and done.


This probably is the best idea.

Those cast mounts are not great.


Right! Good gosh. Thx

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