Hdz black friday - no longer blue

Might be picking one of these up. But not gonna lie im kinda bummed they are no longer blue. It looked beautiful!


The blue was great :blue_heart:. That said the new Carbide Gun Metal Grey looks incredible! :black_heart:


I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the new grey HDZ I immediately thought “hey that’s cool, I now own a vintage blue HDZ!”


I must have gotten the last blue one the other day… like the blue better


I received a grey, I think I had the choice and went for the newer look.

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Would someone kindly take a measurement for me of the newest HDZ from the ground to the highest point on the HDZ? Would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

I have a vintage version, but mine is about 5’6".

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Will the HDZ work with the Carbide 3D mini compact router?

Yes, you can transfer the mount and it will work with all the options Dewalt, Makita, Carbide

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