HDZ Carriage Binding on Z-

Picked up the HDZ over the Thanksgiving break and finally had some time to install it. Assembly went fine and I’m very satisfied with the build quality overall, but before I get to cutting, I have a problem: Out of the box the rails were skewed and binding such that the coupler to the motor came loose. That’s fine, I expected some calibration. After tightening the coupler again I went about aligning the rails (loosened the 10 screws) and began sliding the carriage up and down. No problem. After a fair amount of time aligning and re-aligning the rails (or so I thought) I’m stuck. The carriage silently moves in Z+ the full length of travel, but halfway down when moving Z- it starts binding again. How can this be? Have I damaged my ballscrew or something else? No matter how I realign things, Z+ is gliding and silent, and Z- begins to bind. Has anyone else had this issue?

Mine was a bit tight, I ran z to the top, loosened bottom 6 screws, not much, just slightly, ran z to bottom, then loosened the top 4. Ran up and down three or 4 times, and tightened top 2 screws a bit, then worked my way to the bottom screws all the while moving the z up and down. No binding.
I’d go try again.

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If you can email into support we will diagnose it and get you running.


After more adjustment, I was able to get it smoothly running. Thank you for reaching out!

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