HDZ cut Y axis offset

I just had a small surprise. I finished installing the HDZ a month ago just tried to level the wasteboard. I ran my standard leveling job and got a limit alarm near the rear wasteboard. Sure enough the plates are at the rear of their travel and there was some wasteboard left the bit had not reached.

How much is the cut (Dewalt router) offset after the HDZ installed (Y direction)? (including easy-tram)

If I reverse the plates on the X beam (affecting Y travel) how much does that shift the cut Y axis?

Considering my options; I’m not sure I’d take it apart to do it now but the next time I’d like to have a plan.

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Swapping the plates shifted my usable space 60-some millimeters back in Y. (I didn’t get an exact number, but it was over 60mm and less than 65mm.) The process for me was relatively straightforward, as described in the threads referenced in this summary post I made in reply to someone else’s inquiry.

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