HDZ, GRBL 1.1 and Homing Switches

Just did some major hardware upgrades to my Shapeoko base unit.

  1. I bought the HDZ and installed it,
  2. then found I needed to upgrade to GRBL 1.1 but my machine never had homing switches.
  3. Carbide 3D kindly sent me some, and I had tapped locations to install them so I connected them and mounted them
  4. I downloaded the latest version of Carbide Create and Carbide Motion.
  5. Finally with that done, I went with the GRBL 1.1 updater and every time it asks me to hold down the Z homing switch during the reflash, it thinks I let go of it. I have tried several times, the reflash keeps failing. Just to check, I held down the X and Y in subsequent tries to see if I had them swapped. No dice.

Since I’ve done 4-5 things at once, I’m wondering if there is a combinatorial problem I haven’t seen. Really wanting to get my machine back up and running so I can test out some new ideas on steel.

Also wondering if Carbide 3D is issuing new boards with the GRBL already flashed. That might be an unnecessary cost for me but I’m concerned that I’m not doing something properly and a new board could solve the problem.

It may be that your board instead of using the Z-axis switch is old enough to have a “Prog” button — check for that.

Yes, new boards are sent out flashed w/ 1.1 — check in at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work out how to get one to you.

Will beat me to it, here’s the PROG button (circled in red on this 2.4e board, but older board should have it too), you can try keeping this pushed instead of the Z limit switch:


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