HDZ lower V-wheel install issue

I was growing crazy trying to get the lower V-wheels attached and discovered one of offset nuts has no threads. Its drilled large enough that the bolt spins freely. Then looking around the parts I see two other offset nuts that look different and they both have proper threads but they are a really tight fit in the install hole. So what I have is:

2 x Chrome offset nuts with a v in one of the flats. One has threads, the other doesn’t. These nuts fit very loosely and even fall out of the hole while installing.

2 x Stainless offset nuts with threads and a little shoulder (like an attached flat washer), both have a small round dimple in one flat and they fit very tightly in the mounting hole

Please advise on how to proceed(?)

These are for the lower HDZ bolt holes

The other 2 should both be un-threaded and are used on the EZtram plate (if being used) It sounds like you have got a mixed bag there, if you email into support we can ship our the replacement eccentric spacers.

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Actually I was in error. Neither of the chrome nuts had threads but one of them tricked me. Proper nuts are now installed. Unfortunately missing a M5 x 10mm. Going to recheck inventory before proceeding.

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