HDZ not in stock

Don’t know if this is the right place to put this, but…

I have been interested in the HDZ (should have pulled the trigger during Black Friday sale) and it’s been out of stock. I just got an email at 1:35 that it’s back in stock, but when I go to the store (at 1:55) it still says it’s out of stock. Did your new stock sell out that quick? Or has the site not been updated to reflect inventory?


When @Jorge said it would be a flash sale, he was not kidding! :wink:


Yeah, that was such a quick flash that I missed it because I blinked!

Seeing the same thing on my end. Thanks for posting I’ll try again later see if it updates

I was 20 seconds after the message and the same thing. I did order during the sale but heard nothing back. A little disappointing.


Same here and they were supposed to be at the Black Friday price. I am assuming the store hasnt been updated yet.

That was quick. I remember the days of the probe in and out of stock.

This was a stocking error. Please re-sign up for alerts just to be safe.

Re-stocking is expected Early Jan.


That’s disappointing. Oh well…

It is disappointing but January is close. I just hope there is another stock available for the current demand. I expect Carbide 3D will be overwhelmed with orders since the Z-axis has always been my weak link in quality production. I am just glad that sandpaper was invented to clean up the marks from the weakness there and I am looking forward to a huge upgrade here with the HDZ whenever I get my hands on one.

This is the first time the HDZ has ever been out of stock since it launched. We don’t plan to make a habit of it, but Black Friday was the biggest sale thus far. Going forward we’re going to be holding more stock.


Awesome. Thanks Luke for the updates. I for one are looking forward to getting mine. I upgraded to an Ebay model a year or so ago and it made alot of difference. From what I have seen and heard, this upgrade will be much better than my previous one.




That’s kind of torturous the drop down menu being there, but with only a single entry — plans for the future @Luke?

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Got my order in as soon as I saw the email!!


Order placed. Awaiting arrival. Too bad I can just say BEAM ME UP SCOTTY and it be here.


Hi, any update on when these may be back in stock?

Drop us a line at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll try to update you.

Be sure to sign up for the e-mail notification.

Just saw them in stock again while I was away on holiday. Looks like they sold out again pretty fast. When is the next stock due? Will they still be on special when the come back in stock again?

I would kill for a text message based update to when they are in stock.