HDZ Owners thread

(Vince) #1

I thought we should all have an HDZ thread to talk about cut recipes, maintenance, upgrades and anything else specific to the HDZ. Also if anyone has questions, this is the perfect place to ask!

This is not for the sale or marketing of this product, but to focus on education and information!

(Griff ) #2

Sign me up! Bookmarked

(Luke) #3

I think it should cover those who use the free files to make their own :slight_smile:

(Griff ) #4

I only know of two, how many of us are there?

(Daniel Story) #5

@Griff :raised_hand:
Edit: oh were you talking the free design? I have the commercialized HDZ offering (Gen2?).

Great idea @Vince.Fab, I actually want to go through each tool I have and dial in roughing/finishing strategies (S&F) on different operations (clearing, contour, etc.) with my common stock of HDPE and Aluminum. Right now I’ve just been “winging it”.

Is there a “test model” ya’ll use, to tune things against a new cutter, or just incorporate it into current jobs?

(Luke) #6

Loads of folk have downloaded the plans! No idea how many have made them.

(Gary) #7

I’m in. This is a great idea.

(Griff ) #8

Me too, re the winging it comment. My goal is to find the sweet spot for the cutters I use most often first.
Vince has inspired me to add a linear rail to X, designs done, just waiting for parts. Once that’s installed the work shall begin

(Daniel Story) #9

Got the ingredients to make chips, time to experiment with some recipes.

(Daniel Story) #10

If you are getting major chatter while cutting in the Y direction and depth of cut is miss-aligned between step overs… check the Z-axis ball nut/mount screws. Mine had vibrated loose with a good 1mm of play :man_facepalming:

(Daniel Story) #11


SQ 0.25"DIA 0.75"LOC 1FL ZrN - Amana #51377-Z
~1" Stick Out

Was getting chatter when cutting in Y+ and X+ directions, can see it in the floor finish on the left and top side.


(Dennis Cheng) #12

Would the Suckit able to pull these aluminum chips?

(Daniel Story) #13

With the vise, it wouldn’t work well, as the dust boot needs to be mostly sealed to work efficiently. Mounting the stock directly to the bed (via toe clamps, bite clamps, or super glue+tape) would allow for the boot brushes to seal better, and likely suck up most chips.