HDZ Upgrade S3XXL

Uh man, I was waiting for black Friday for about a year now to finally upgrade my S3XXL to the HDZ. And now… sold out! Damit.

Does anyone know if I could use the variant for the XL, standard or pro and how they differ?

Thanks Michael


The new version has holes for the linear rail mounting and for the SO4 hole spacing, but not sure if it has holes for the SO3.

Check in w/ support@carbide3d.com for further information

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You need the SO3 HDZ variant.

I believe it’s just the length of the proximity switch cabling that differs between the XL and XXL HDZ kits.

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I was waiting a long time for the S03XXL HDZ upgrade to come back in stock, and snagged it as soon as it became available.

I feel like I have the ShapeOko of Theseus. I bought a ShapeOko3 like in 2015. I upgraded to XXL. I got a new board at some point because the old one died. And now the HDZ.

I had to make some improvisations, especially with the Y axis proximity with and X axis proximity switch. The Y-axis mount appeared to be expecting to be mounted on threaded holes, and the Y axis mount itself interfered with the v wheels on the X-rail. The X-proximity mount had nothing to detect, so I had to attach a piece of metal scavenged from the old limit switches.

Somehow in all this I managed to install the drag chain on the Y2 rail backwards–but not only does it work just fine, it actually solves a problem where the drag chain was running into the corner of my enclosure. Seems to work fine in the “backwards” mount.

I seem to have given up some of the overhang over the front of the machine that was useful for making tenons and dovetails and such. We’ll see how that goes.

Still having fun.


When you upgraded from xl to XXL, what were the changes you had to make?

Cheers Michael

Going from memory, I bought the upgrade kit, and got the longer rails, cables, drag chains and the like.

Kept the same stepper motors, circuit board, and Z-axis gantry.

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