HDZ Upgrade , some help

Got the HDZ installed with no apparent problems today. Nicely made unit. Bought the brackets for the Suckit dust boot, but I’m clueless on how they work. Some help ?

Thanks in advance !




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Thanks ! I’ll check it out tomorrow to see what I need to do.

The current Suckit brackets I have will not work. I see in the link you sent me there is a different setup to mount to the HDZ that they are making. Will probably make something myself.

Well, further checking, none of the Suckit parts are going to work. :grimacing:

Thanks, Brian

Ah you might need these:


Another $35 to get the dust boot to work. This is starting to add up…


I believe there are some people who have 3d printed the suckit parts.

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Some scrap materials and about an 45 minutes of my time and I was up and running with this. You can see in the last photo that I modified the white sliders to clear the tramming plate.


Thanks for the ideas and help. :smiley:

Fancy sharing the files?

Nothing fancy, but here. Stock I had was 9mm acrylic.
Dust Shoe Arms.c2d (118.3 KB)


Following your lead, but machining the vertical plates from aluminum and the spacers from 5/8" round aluminum. Not done yet. Appreciate the photos to get the ball rolling.

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