HDZ version 3.3 parts!

Here is my question if anyone can help me about what use to the 4 piece of Black Sledge that comes with the HDZ package version 3.3 ?
Thank you

It’s for the ball carriages if you have to slide them off the guides/rails, otherwise you might make a mess of tiny steel ball-bearings.


@BrokenEndmill is correct, see pg. 14 of https://docs.carbide3d.com/assembly/HDZ3_3/HDZ3_3_1.pdf

The black plastic sledges are used on the off chance you have to remove a slider block. As the block slides off a rail, slide the sledge into the block. Please DO NOT remove a slider block unless advised to do so by support— ball bearings can fall out

Thank you for the perfect point and reply :+1:

Thank you William ! I just seen it it’s helpful :+1:

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