HDZ with Suckit boot advice!

Hello All

Her is my advice after adding Suckit boot to My Shapeoko with HDZ

1- NEVER add the suckit boots without sending the Configuration in latest CM software to reduce the X travels , this is very important before installation .

2- add or print spacers and install them to X-Axis Drag Chain Bracket that will keep good space between the limit switch screw and the dragchain for smoother move .

3- mark the suckit boot adjusment bracket to insure that this is the end reach so we not touch the Bitsitter .

4- Always keep the power killing switch in your hand while test and starting until you very sure from all management and installations .

5- Install your router , For Dewalt users be carful and twist the router from the wire curve on top to avoid that Dewalt crash the bracket while Z travel .

6- I always Keep Calibration Bit after updated to latest CM that keeps me with the software orders with the bitsetter option .

Hope you All Have a safe Milling and Machining :grinning:

here is some pictures for my setup :


Well done, most of this applies to any dust boot installation, but I supported Made in the USA! by buying from


This dust boot has worked from the start with no more than a squeak! ( I broke one of the 3D-printed “nuts” that are part of the sliding mechanism. No problem (after some cursing for having run it into a clamp nut) … I just glued it back together, and it is still working today.


Yes !! even here we always support Made in the USA! items and works that’s why I pay double price my Shapeoko to get it here in my workshop in Kuwait and that’s boots and items where you mentioned are awesome !! :smiley:


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