Headboard organizer

I made a headboard/wall mounted organizer to hold the things I’m always looking for. The round disc on the left is a wireless charger for my phone. I just toss my phone in the pocket and it starts charging automatically with no cables to plug in.

The phone isn’t shown because I used it to take the picture :wink:

The slotted triangle pieces were made using my SO3. I cut them all out at once then I made a 0.2" deep pocket in a piece of scrap particle board 0.010" larger than the outline of the pieces. I used the pocket to locate and hold the two center pieces in place to cut the slots on the other side of each one. I guess you could say it was an improvised “flip-jig”.

The hooks for the headphones and the glasses were 3D printed but they could have been made pretty easily on the SO3 also.

I didn’t put a finish on it because I usually end up tweaking prototypes a few times before I get them the way I want them but I think this design is going to work just fine. No more getting out of the bed and turning the light on to find the remote that disappeared 15 seconds before :wink:

Don’t laugh at my duct taped headphones :wink: