Heart shaped box

Made my first box last night for the wife! Now to try and put her initials on it!


Very nice. Keep up the great work and keep sharing.


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Yes I’d like to thank POV CNC with John Clark on YouTube for his videos they helped a lot!

Good content


Very nice, Gary! Sapele? Or Mahogany? Very clean. nice grain pattern. It borders on magic when the top slips down perfectly, doesn’t it?

I have made several odd shaped objects an I use mdf to cut out a slightly larger shape to fit the box in for engraving. My spoil board is a 2" Tee nut type so I just make the mdf holder big enough to get 2-4 bolts in it.

I make the jig just slightly bigger. If it turns out the jig is too big just use paper strips and push the box down into the jig with paper strips. You want the box top to not move when engraving.

You can see the slot in the side of the jig. I was originally going to put a threaded insert in and a bolt to draw the jig together. Since I had a limited number of pieces to process I just put a clamp on it.

Here is another jig.

And another one for a square object. I put dog bones in the corners to aid in getting the pieces out of t he jig.


Excellent idea I’ll give it a go

Sapele, oh it took some sanding because I felt it was flat… not exactly but close. Then I nicked an edge cutting away the waste with the band saw. All life lessons.

Absolute excellence Gary!