Height from table to top of baseboard or wasteboard xxl

Hi Everyone,
I should be receiving my Shapeoko xxl within the next day or so hence am busy building a table for it. Having looked through the forum I have not found a piece of information I am looking for and that is the height from table top to top of baseboard.
Reason for looking for this is I am looking to make the table height so that the top of my wasteboard will be level with an existing workbench so the workbench can double up as an off-feed for working on longer projects.
I would appreciate it if someone could measure this for me either to the top of baseboard or wasteboard if you let me know how thick your wasteboard is so I can deduct that and then add on the thickness of my own wasteboard.
Not fussed if in mm or inch :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

MDF thickness should be noted at:

  • original SO3 two-part MDF wasteboard ~12.7mm — current production (since Summer 2016?) are 0.75"
  • XL MDF wasteboard ~19.5mm

For the metal structure under the MDF this varies based on machine type as well.

  • XL/XXL should add ~2.5mm for the thickness of the sheet metal of the cross straps
  • then the structure of the endplate and PEM nut will add ~8mm
  • plus however much of the leveling foot (if used) projects — they are ~26.25mm o.a.l., with 16mm of thread
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Something to think about…There is a 99.999% chance that you will want (need?) to place another 3/4" (19mm) on top of the factory wasteboard since you will not be able to touch it with a cutter…

DO a quick search, you will find dozens of similar posts:

e.g. Erm I can't reach the waste board!


Excellent point. The thickness of that would offer a good point of adjustment.

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Thank you everyone for adding information.
For clarity, I am putting a 18mm MDF wasteboard on top. My existing workbench top sits at 863mm / 34" from the ground so I am looking to get the top of my wasteboard around the same height. I know that I will lose a bit after tramming and facing my wasteboard but as long as they are close enough I can shim any overhanging object on my existing workbench to avoid putting any stress on the machine or its working table.
Judging by the info provided, if I get my table height around 800mm / 31.5" I should be good.

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My xxl base board is 1.5 inches above table top. 2.25 inches with 3/4 mdf spoil board and 3 inches with 3/4 mdf fence. The leveling feet can be raised and lowered varing that height.

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I completely understand your logic. I would just give this one bit of advice. You may want to consider that you are going to be spending a fair amount of time bent over your surface trying to closely observe the cutting. At least I do. Whenever I am running a test cut for of a first design I am constantly checking it. And honestly, maybe I am strange, but there are times I just find myself hypnotized by the machine and realize that for 15-20 mins I have just been watching it cut a finish pass, .1mm at at time.

Just something you may want to consider.

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I can understand wanting your work surfaces at the same level but as Jon Vaner said the work surface of the Shapeoko should be at a comfortable height. Unless you are going to run long pieces through the side rails will be in the way to use your Shapeoko for additional bench space. My table is 29.5 inches from the ground. I am 66 years old and have a nice office chair that I can sit and reach most of my working area of my XXL. I prefer to sit rather than stand, but that depends on your age. You do have to baby sit the Shapeoko or at least be within ear shot. So make it light on yourself. Most counter tops are 32 inches off the ground. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall and stand at a regular counter top and working makes my back hurt. Benches are sometimes a little taller so make sure you will be comfortable standing or sitting at your machine.

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