Height Issues with BitZero V2

When I used the original bit zero, I had a height issue because I was not putting the bit zero on top of the stock when resetting just the Z and not the corner.

I got the BitZero V2 a while back, and recently did my first cutting jobs using it. I set the X,Y,Z for my drilling operation with a 1/8" shank bit first. Then I replaced the 1/8" bit with a 1/4" shank end mill to cut with. I reset just the Z using the BitZero V2 and placing it on top of the material.

On both a 1/2" and 3/4" piece of stock, the last cutting path actually went well below the actual bottom of my material. Small circle 3/4", bit circle 1/2". Both seemed to be the same depth past bottom of material. Am I missing something with how to set just the Z height with the BitZero V2?

Using Vectric Vcarve Desktop to create G-Code.


Did the bitzero black bottom sit on top of the material and did you make sure it didn’t tilt during the z probing. As It looks like it’s exactly that depth in the photo

100% positive it was fully on top of the material and not tilted during Z height calibration in both cases.

I am going to do a test this afternoon on some scrap setting it to different depths and cutting both by setting X,Y,Z from a corner and by setting just Z on top of material and see what happens.

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While you are testing, you could do a test project in CC with zero set at stock bottom, set X/Y normally (top left corner), and then set Z zero using BitZero placed on the wasteboard surface next to the stock.

Good idea. I will check this today when I can get to the shop!

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