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Good Evening, I just purchased and put together my new Shapeoko XXL .
I purchased the t-track hold down package as well. on top of that I put a .5 inch piece of plywood to protect my t-track board from damage

I just cut out a dog paw shaped bowl that had a .9 inch height.
When it came time to cut the outline it started to burn the top of the project as the bottom of the Dewalt router was rubbing on top of the wood.
What am I doing wrong?
I am using the 201 bit that came with the machine.

You would have to check spec but I think cut depth of 201 is 3/4 inch. You may need to buy 1inch cut depth bit or just sand with 201.

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As Guy says, the cut depth on the 201 is 0.75 inches, that is, the flutes stop at 0.75 inches from the cutting tip. The overall length is 2.5 inches so it should be possible to leave an inch and bit sticking out of the collet reasonably comfortably.

Did you mean that the router collet was rubbing the wood or that the top of the cutter was rubbing and burning?

Was your cut taking a series of steps down to the full 0.9 inches?

If you’re cutting an outline of 0.9 inches depth you may run into trouble with the cutter not being able to pull the chips out if you’re cutting a slot, this happens because the flutes need to clear the surface to eject the chips properly. In this case the main choices are to cut a slot wider than the bit to allow chip clearance (and suck out the chips with a vacuum or extractor) or to use a bit with longer flutes.

Here’s a couple of examples of cutters with longer flutes which can go deeper (but you have to be careful using long cutters, it’s easy to break them).

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yes that was the problem I have the dewalt router in the holder as far down as possible. I t I raise that it would allow me to be able to have a thicker piece of wood. That coupled with the longer but might just be the ticket. Thank you for answering me so quickly.
I’ll let you know how it works out

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Thank you Guy I will buy a longer bit

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