Hello anybody based in Nottingham UK

Hello I am very interested in possibly purchasing a XXL Shapeoko for my second income business. It will be mainly for acrylic but will include other substates as well. I am based in Nottingham UK and I am hoping there is someone nearby who has a similar bit of equipment so I could possibly visit it and see it first hand working etc. Thanks in advance

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Hello Mark now that is a quick reply and thanks for that. it looks like a great community you have there. Main thing at the moment is do you have a Shapeoko cnc I could see?

Im nowhere near there myself but looked like a great place to try,mabie swing by or get in touch with someone from there

I see what you mean. Thanks for taking the time to research this for me I’ll look into it now.

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I’m just down in Cheltenham. I have the shapeoko 3 all setup and working if you want to see one.


Thanks Luke that sounds great. Depending on stuff and your availability I’ll try and make it either this weekend or next. In the meantime my contact number is 07931 704047 for a chat which would be good. What’s yours and I’ll call you back

I’ve just test you my number.

Weirdly I’m in Nottingham tomorrow for work, but unfortunately I can’t bring the Shapeoko with me