Hello World scale too large

I have upgraded my SO3 to GRBL 1.1 and CM 4.0.428. I am test running Hello World with a Sharpee. It’s looking great, but about 200% larger than it should be so even though I am zeroing in the front left, by the time it gets to the K and O of the desing the x axis is banging on against the far end and all calibration is off.
I have updated the config to SO3 after upgrading and redone it a few times thinking that has to be it. Not sure how to troubleshoot beyond this. The machine seems to be running perfectly other than this issue.

there’s a dipswitch set on your controller board that selects between “1/4x” and “1/8x” for the stepper motors… GRBL 1.1 wants 1/8x, old GRBL wants 1/4x

the switches should be right above the motor cables, and theres two, the right most one is afaict the 1/4 vs 1/8 switch

wrong setting and you go 2 larger


Awesome! I knew it was something like this. Really appreciate it.

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