Help carving a straight line

Hi everyone,

Working on my 2nd project, so I’m pretty green. I’m trying to create a family sign for the house and I’m having an issue just carving a straight line. When I use the Polyline tool to draw a straight line, it sets a height of 0.0000. If I try to change the height, it changes the width to infinity and disappears. If I try to assign a advanced v-carve toolpath, it just comes back as empty.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Vcarving toolpaths only work on closed paths — you should draw a rectangle which is the dimensions you wish to cut out and thinner than the max. diameter of the V endmill.

I’d recommend doing the design in Inkscape first. It’s free, mature, and intuitive.
Import the resulting SVG to Create to generate toolpaths.


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