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A friend from India has commissioned me to make him a cutting board. I am going to try and do an inlay of the Ashoka Chakra from the Indian Flag. I found a free .svg that I imported in to Create. My problem seems to come when creating the toolpaths. I tried Select All on the design tab, went to toolpaths and selected VCarve, #302 60 degree bit, starting depth 0.000, finish depth 0.300.

Ran the simulation and very little shows up. Is this because the cut is so shallow?

Here is the file for reference:


I tested an inlay last week
60 degree bit
I’ll look up the depths I used for male and female and post them
Once did I put a pocket cut to take it down by 0.01 at a time until it hit the female surface
I only did half as I was pleased how it was coming out

Post the file?

More likely the difficulty is that you are selecting too much — also depth limiting will interfere — best to not do that unless you specifically want that effect.

Here is the .svg file:


And here is what the inlay should look like:

Thanks for the help

What’s the dia of the circle
The male part is not an issue but for the female you going to have to set a bottom depth for sure
I’m trying to trace the picture in inscape to see what it looks like on my software

I am planning on 6” outer diameter. The board will be 12” wide.

Thanks for the help.

Here is how it looks on mine
Female .3 depth
Male .4 depth with start at .01

Just need to get those depths correct

Thanks for the help Wayne, did you have to do any modifications to the file, or just create the tool paths and set the depths?

I traced your picture in inscape then converted to vector, ran a Vcarve for the female first
Then drawn another circle around your design selected all and Vcarve again with a 1/4” end mill to clear and a 60 degree Vbit to finish off

I ran at 10” dia tho

Would you mind sending me your .svg file? I am still trying to learn how to use this machine.


not sure if it will come as an image tho ?

Seems to cut half of it off
Shoot me your email in a private message and i’ll mail it to ya

Pm sent, thanks again for all the help

Go watch this video too sir

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The .svg file posted further down works:

and should work w/ the techniques from:


Thanks for the help also - but I’m not seeing a .svg file you posted, other than for the coffee coaster.



Here’s the file in Carbide Create:

inlaytest.c2d (173.4 KB)