HELP! I Can't get a clean SVG

Can someone please help! I’ve been trying to get a clean copy of this logo and it will not transfer to CC cleanly!!!

That’s a pretty complicated thing to convert into an SVG - the small whiskers and claws in particular.

Here’s the best I could do in a short time without overly editing it. You would still need to manual adjust the nodes around the cat’s face to make them all straight and line up, but it might be a useful starting point. (38.6 KB)


Thank You so much!! I’m still pretty new to the CNC world and still learning. I’m a General Contractor by trade and I’m looking to retire ASAP! I’m pretty tech savvy but just not great with the file conversion parts of it. I really appreciate any and all ideas and suggestions to make my whole transition a little easier!

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Check out Inkscape. It’s a free, yet full featured, vector drawing program. There are unlimited youtube tutorials and several people here use it. It can be overwhelming with the volume of tools and options, but there are only a few that you’ll find yourself using repeatedly.


OK, so one problem solved and if you have advice on the best way to do that, that’d be great. Another issue I’ve been having is when creating a tool path for certain files It will not show up in simulation. What is the best conversion software to use? I feel like this isn’t that complicated!

I do have Inkscape and found it somewhat helpful, are the issues I’m having an anomaly? Some times the the files do not transfer to CC properly.

Carbide Create has certain requirements when importing an SVG:

  • geometry only
  • no text as text — must be converted to paths (command in Inkscape is Path | Object to Path) — save a copy first if you wish to be able to edit the text
  • object arrays and clones aren’t supported and will need to be decomposed to plain geometry

O.K. that makes sense! Thank you so much! I’ll get there eventually. Maybe I’ll have to by a Laser Engraver where the software isn’t so geometrically inadequate.

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