HELP I set the zeros on the project but it hovers above

I set the zeros on the material, I use the method of lowing it onto a sheet of paper until the paper no longer move freely, then I set the zeros there. When the project starts it’s way up in the air, and then it doesn’t go all the way through my material (because its offset too high) it’s like the z axis decides it’s lower than it is.

Please describe each step, what you did, why, and what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.

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I had a similar problem. Turned out that the set screws on my z axis pulley were not tight and on the flat of the axle. Try loosening your set screws, make sure at least one of them is lined up with the flat part of the axle and tighten them down real good.

When you say “way up in the air” can you be a little more specific? An inch? a few thousandths? This sounds a lot like you didn’t add the thickness of the paper to the zero offset (you would type in the thickness of the paper into the line next to the “Z” and press enter.

Here’s the thread on my issue…