Help, I think i overwrote the code in the nomads arduino

I was working with other arduinos today (a mega and an uno) connected to the same pc. I suspect I loaded some of my code into the nomad by mistake ( picked the wrong serial port during an upload). When i go to run carbide motion, and try to move the cutter, it says 'homing machine" but it does not move… When i open the log function, it simply says:

Test Waiting…

the power is on, the emergency stop switch is pulled out and rotated,

is this the root cause and how can i fix it (got an arduino sketch?)

my nomad definitely shows up as a serial port in the Arduino sketch writing/loading environment and i know i uploaded an arduino sketch to that port today (not thinking about the nomad at the time, just trying to sort out which of many ports my target arduino was connected to)

haha that is a great one. I also have arduino programmer installed and nearly did something similar just yesterday…

There are so many different support queries on this forum already, it’s going to be very hard for the 3 guys to keep up. Why don’t you guys set up a support query register and then alocate a certain number of votes per year to each forum member. Then we could vote on what are the most support issues for us and you could focus on them… Just an idea.

Our build of GRBL can be downloaded from if you need to put it back.

The Nomad does show up as a serial port but it should enumerate as “Nomad 883.1” and not an Arduino

For what it’s worth, if you have an immediate support need, send it to the support@ email address so a ticket will be created. The forum doesn’t get as much attention- we tend to log in and answer a bunch as a batch here.


Thanks, It never showed as anything but a port. This was timely enough, I will fix it tomorrow night or friday.

Success… I used xloader to send the hex file to the arduino. I found xloader at picked the proper serial port, the hex file and arduino uno as the target device and it uploaded on the first try.

Thanks for the quick support and a great machine.

Cool, yeah, support does seem to be very good.