Help identifying preamble and saftey height?

I’m trying to continue an operation at line 9000 after pausing and continuing the next day. I’ve looked at some posts and the wiki on reddit and it seems like a straightforward process, only the example preamble and safety height on the example Gcode and mine are completely different. Can someone help me identify the preamble and where the safety height retract is?

I tried cutting from what I think is the preamble, but I end up with arc endpoint errors:

(T5 D=3.175 CR=0 - ZMIN=-12.7 - flat end mill)
(When using Fusion 360 for Personal Use, the feedrate of)
(rapid moves is reduced to match the feedrate of cutting)
(moves, which can increase machining time. Unrestricted rapid)
(moves are available with a Fusion 360 Subscription.)
G28 G91 Z0

T5 M6
S15000 M3
G17 G90
G0 X20.219 Y39.182
G1 Z2 F381
G18 G2 X20.536 Z0 I0.317 K0
G1 X20.695
G17 G3 X21.013 Y39.5 I0 J0.318

I’m using Fusion 360 as a post-processor. Thanks. (770.3 KB)

You want to keep everything up to Z0.317. Then edit the XY line above that to match your first cut point at line 9000. Change the Z to Z0.0


Thanks, but I’m still a little confused about where to cut the gcode,
Here’s the preamble:

I assume that here is where I would want to cut it?:

So would I change the coordinates of the G0 line 19 in the preamble to X88.988 Z-0.136 I-1.012 J0 of line 8732?, and then change line 22 in the preamble to Z0.0?

Sorry I’m still pretty new to this.

Yes, change the coordinates in line 19 to the same XY coordinates in the first line you intend to cut.
You aren’t showing line 8732. X88.988 Z-0.136 I-1.012 J0 is a circular/helical move. It would be easier to start at a linear move. Even better a rapid positioning move. In this example, cut it at the redline, and then edit line 19 to match line 8756.



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