(Help) Is this what slipping/lost steps look like?

Hey guys, pretty new to CNC, and got my Shapeoko 4 about two months ago. I’ve been trying some engraving with a 60 Deg Vbit in 6061 Aluminum (Trace toolpath at 0.15 mm, 18000 rpm/ 200mm per min), and I noticed that it seems the engraving drifts along the X-axis every now and then. I’ve also noticed that the carriage seems to shudder on occasion when traversing the x-axis, I imagine that would likely be related. Is this what lost steps or slippage looks like? And what might be some good ways to start with the troubleshooting? Thanks in advance!!

Yes, looks like lost steps, probably along X.

Check the machine mechanically: belt tension, pulley set screws, &c. and verify that the electronics are in good shape w/ secure wiring which is properly connected.

If you don’t find anything obvious to resolve, contact support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

What Will said.

I had something similar happen and it turned out to be a bad connector on my upper X-Axis wire. One thing to try is to get into the Rapid Jog mode and move the carriage between opposite corners. While the carriage is moving, gently move the accessible X-Axis connectors to see if that causes the problem to occur.

Thanks guys, I redid the belts and determined that the X-axis carriage didn’t feel smooth as it slid along the x axis, without the stepper and belt. I loosened the v-wheels and it seems smooth now, but it seems like there’s a little play with respect to the router rotating in the Z plane around the X-axis. I presume there should be some sweet spot where the v-wheels are perfectly snug? Thanks again for your help everyone.

For the V wheels please see:

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