Help me Wanda, Help help me Wanda

Had a power glitch from a wind storm. Now I can’t connect to CM. (CM 542) Re-booted unplugged the brick. Any ideas???

  1. Unplug the powerbrick.
  2. Wait 10min.
  3. Switch on the CNC to drain any residual electrons in the capacitors.
  4. Switch off the cnc.
  5. Plug in the powerbrick.
  6. Switch on the CNC.
  7. Reconnect from CarbideMotion

It the above does not work, try using a different USB port on your computer.


… and then buy a good 1K+ uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your system so it won’t happen again.

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I use these, there is a newer APC “Gaming” model with RGB lighting. I do not like it, the display will not stay on to show wattage usage. The Makita router uses around 400 watts at 18000 rpm.

APC Sinewave 1350

I was a little bit upset when I typed the Tittle, should have been Rhonda.

Thank you all for responding.

I had followed the suggestions as per my normal procedures when something abnormal happened.

This morning I tried again with the same response… Can’t Connect To The Cutter. Got an old laptop out, loading CM, same issue. Replaced the D cable, same issue.

Solution: Ran an extension cord from another outlet to the brick, fired right up. Ended up replacing the outlet and breaker to get everything working again. Why did it work out this way, I don’t know! Up and running is all I need at the moment.
Thanks again


I thought you were just typing with a lisp! :smiley:

UPS … UPS … :smiley:

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Sounds to me like the things that failed were the best things to fail! Replacing a receptacle and resetting a breaker seems like good luck to me.

“Help me, Fish Called…”

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