Help! My spindle is stopping

Hi everyone,
my machine was working fine, as always, and then suddenly today the spindle started turning off a couple inches above the work and then either throwing up a “limit switch” error and stopping everything altogether, or, worse, carrying on with the job and just trying to drag a non-spinning spindle.

The belt on my spindle seemed loose, so I tightened it a bit, and that seems to have made things worse, though it’s possible (even likely) that things were getting worse, and the belt had nothing to do with it. I need my machine, I’m in the middle of making a bunch of stuff to sell. Any thoughts?

I have emailed support as well. Here’s two videos of the misbehavior:

Problem V1, note how here it stops in midair, then starts again and proceeds to cut air for a while:

Problem V2, shuts off, drags the non-spinning cutter around:

Can you post a like to your NC code?

Let’s make sure it isn’t wrong (you know turning your spindle off)

Hi Richard,
Here’s the code, but for what it’s worth I heard back from C3D, and @Jorge said it looks like “the spindle driver board is having trouble commutating your motor,” so they’re gonna shoot me a new one. Also if you watch both videos, the behavior is different each time, so I’m pretty sure it’s mechanical in nature.

CORIAN (781.3 KB)

Yup, the code looks good. I think it’s electrical (Board)

Spindle control board is bad. I ran into the same problems two months ago.

Thanks, guys. They’re sending me a new board.