Help simplifying

I have WAY overcomplicated the toolpaths of this project… I think.

I need to cut the border with a bull nose I think.

But how do I cut everything else with detail, but not taking so much time using so many bits?

Please help, Thank you.
Nicole’s Number Placard.c2d (172 KB)

Looks good to me. I would join the 2 outside vectors so they’re closed.

Instead of a separate pocket & V-carve for the bird, I would use an Advanced V-Carve.
You could also include the numbers in the advanced V-Carve, and it will pick out the sharp corners instead of a flat end mill leaving rounded corners.


Nicole’s Number Placard.c2d (128 KB)
THANK YOU!! Honestly, I totally forgot about the ADVANCED V-Carve option.

This looks much better and more simplified, exactly what I needed. Thank you.

1, if I wanted to router out the top arch so I don’t need to hand cut it, what would you suggest?
2, if I wanted to have the inside of the Heron and the numbers cut out, what would you suggest?
3, is there a link that shows exactly what the different 2D toolpaths do?

Thanks again!
Solomon Sr.

For the basics of the 2D toolpaths see:


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