Help tram y axis

I have an xxl and am very new to this. I’m trying to tram the y axis of the spindle mount. Every video I find has a different style z axis and can’t seem to figure out how to do it. “ I have the gauges Winston moy suggested otw from Amazon.” Atm I am using a level and handmade gauge to just get as best I can until the gauges arrive. Either way I can’t seem to get the y axis of the mount itself level.

Is your machine level? Might be an optical effect, but the spirit bubble is up-hill to the right, but the body of the level looks closer, ie: more up-hill, to the bolts to the left? If the Y rails are level, then something else is out too?

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Do you mean from front–back?

Best to always work from large-- small:

  • level table
  • level endplates
  • level Y-axis extrusions, verify that they are plumb and parallel and at right angles to the endplates
  • level X-axis extrusion/gantry, ensure that it is plumb and at right angles to the Y-axis
  • level carriage and ensure that it is plumb
  • level Z-axis spindle carriage plate and mount

If you continue to have difficulties, let us know at

I mean from left to right I just sent an email