Help with better cut detail on patch

Hello all. I need a little help. I am doing a flag with a police patch. This is my first time cutting a file this detailed. I have seen many people do this and have amazing detail on badges and patches when they finish. I ran a test cut on some scrap wood. I used CC, advanced v carve for tool path of whole patch, 1/4” 60 degree solid Vbit and set depth of cut to .1 inch. As you will see in the picture I didn’t get the clean detail I was looking for. I’m wondering if my depth of cut is too deep or is it something else I am doing wrong. Also, look at the circle outline at top and lower outline of patch, where they meet, it doesn’t cut it all away. I would love your suggestions to make this better as this is something more I want to get into, and I have to complete this flag for someone. Thank you very much!

It looks as if you may have your Z origin too low — how does the cut compare to the 3D preview and the original graphic?

I set z with paper test, barely touching. I guess I could raise it .01 more but that’s why I was wondering should I just change the depth of cut. Looking at the preview it looks pretty similar to cut, but I don’t know if that gives a great true reference of finish cut. I can load an image of the preview.

I assume you used some tool to go from bitmap to vector

the original is pretty coarse already, but for example it’s often a good idea to manually try to overlay any letters with actual (inkscape) text to make them much much sharper

you can do the same with other elements as well; like the scales I’m sure there’s a nice vector equivalent on the internet somewhere.

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I actually had somebody trace the patch in vcarve and create a nice vector file for me

I have made a few projects with police badges or emblems. Try going to the public site for the agency. Many times they will have art work for media relations.

Thanks for supporting the police. It is a very thin blue line that must not break.


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