Help with CC wrong paramaters?

I am a newbie Nomad 3 user. I am trying to cut a simple contour path in thin aluminum stock, using the Carbide Create 7 parameters and the #102 endmill.
However, the speeds and feeds CC gave me seems way too high:

Stepover: 3
Depth / pass: 1.270
Plunge Rate: 203.2 (?!)
Feed rate: 508.0 (?!)
RPM: 10,000

I sent the project with these settings to the Nomad, and it was way too fast, plunging into the metal, and almost blowing a fuse, I think (machine lights almost went out)!

I compared these settings with some similar Cut Rocket projects, and the setting seems way too different.
Can anyone help me figure out why? I’ve checked the endmill settings and they seem to be correct.

Thank you for any help.

The depth, plunge, and feed rates were all millimeters?

yes, its all in mm. Thank you

Stepover: 3 (0.118")
Depth / pass: 1.270 (0.050")
Plunge Rate: 203.2 (?!) (8 IPM)
Feed rate: 508.0 (?!) (20 IPM)
RPM: 10,000

Pretty slow. With coolant you could probably bump the feed rate up to 60" (1500mm)

Hmmm… ok. Maybe I should work in inches and not mm?

Most of us work in Imperial, that’s the way I was raised. Keep my calculator handy to finger out from one to the other.

Same distance, just a different name

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