Help with creating a beveled square (erratic behavior)

Hey folks, weird glitch?

If I create a new file with 12" x 12" x .75" material, then create a 12" x 12" square and attempt to put an angle shape using the square it will only bevel the top edge (one side). If I make the square smaller than the stock it preforms as expected and creates four beveled edges.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Solutions?

*Edit: After WillAdams comment I experimented with how close a shape can be to the dimenions of the stock and it seems to be variable based on angle of the “chamfer”. About 0.1" seems to accept any angle or height.

3D models need to be inset from the edges of the stock so as to make it unambiguous to the program what is being done.

If you continue to have difficulties, please post the file and we’ll walk through it w/ you.

I’m having somewhat the same issue, I’m sure I’m missing something. I’d like a 45 degree chamfer on the rear side of these slots, chamfer toward the center of the slot. Ideally, the chamfer toolpath would be a part of the main roughing and finishing passes as opposed to a separate operation with a 90 degree v-bit.

game tray.c2d (28.5 KB)

@WillAdams Thank you for the clarification. Do you know if there are any plans to correct for this in the future? It seems there is a threshold of some sort in place so it’s workable but a little obnoxious.

@Tod1d Yes that technique works very well for creating a chamfer exactly the same as the v-bit. I need to create chamfers of various angles (think raised panel for cabinet door)

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I think if you read this from a user’s perspective, it’s bafflingly silly. “We’ll fix the code” is the correct answer.

We just uploaded build 649 with a fix at . Let us know how it works for you.


@robgrz It works! Gonna spoil us with fixes that quick! Thank you all so much!

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