Help with Fusion design, 1911 grip

(Neil Ferreri) #21

Ha! You’d get a kick out of their work. The age group is not known for their attention to detail. This semester, I had at least four kids submit designs with their own engraved names misspelled (we 3D print, carve and laser stuff). Three inch boxes with lids that are a quarter inch too small because 0.2 is the same as .02, right?

We don’t use much F360 in class yet…without looking, I think they are projected points. I have a hard time seeing the colors in Fusion…for as powerful as it is, I can’t get the contrast right.


(Griff ) #22

:thinking:, projected points…on my way to google…

I helped my granddaughters STEM class several years ago with a UAV project. Discovered I’m no teacher.


(Griff ) #23


Thanks to your help and inspiration I’ve continued along the Fusion 360 learning curve to come up with, I believe, a fully constrained design.

1911 Right Mk5 Deco 1 (285.4 KB)
Thanks again!


Gcode for 1911 Grips