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I am trying to use Carbide Create Pro for my Shark Pro Plus HD. Attached is a gcode from Vetric as part of the Paradise Box. It was created with the Shark Post Processor. So I am using it as an example to know what to edit out of either the GBRL and/or Generic Gcode post processor on CC Pro.

What is the command G64 P.01 mean. I know G64 means cutting mode but what does P.01 mean?

( Profile Cut Out )
( File created: Sunday March 31 2019 - 10:33 PM)
( for CNC Shark from Vectric )
( Material Size)
( X= 14.000, Y= 7.500, Z= 0.750)
( Z Origin for Material = Material Surface)
( XY Origin for Material = Bottom Left Corner)
( XY Origin Position = X:0.000, Y:0.000)
( Home Position)
( X = X0.0000 Y = Y0.0000 Z = Z1.0000)
( Safe Z = 0.125)
(Toolpaths used in this file:)
(Profile Cut Out)
(Tool used in this file: )
(3 = Down-Cut Bit 1/4" 57-910)
(Down-Cut Bit 1/4" 57-910)
(| Toolpath:- ‘Profile Cut Out’ )
(|---------------------------------------) (These are my comments)
G90 (Absolute Coordinates (mode))
G20 (Inches)
F90.0 (Feed rate 90.0 IPM)
G64 P.01 (Cutting Mode P.01?)
S 2000 (Spindle 2000 RPM)
M3 (Spindle On)(If module installed)
G0 Z1.0000 (Rapid Movement Z 1”)
F90.0 (Feed Rate 90 IPM)
G00 X0.7810 Y7.0000 Z0.1250 (Move to)
F30.0 (Feed Rate 30 IPM)
G1 X0.7810 Y7.0000 Z0.0000 (Go to)
F30.0 (Feed rate 30 IPM)

Movements to cut project deleted for clarity

G00 X0.7810 Y7.0000 Z0.1250 (Go to)
G00 Z1.0000 (Go to)
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 (Go to)
M02 (End Program)

G64(smoothing) cancels G61 (Exact stop) it is useful for continuous paths with the P parameter setting the allowable path deviation. G64 tries to maintain constant velocity through points (within the P deviation limits) compared to G61 that must hit the points exactly. G64 can produce smoother but less accurate motion. G61 is more accurate but the motion is less smooth.


Thanks for your answer. If I may impose just one more little bit. The “P.01” means that the path may vary 0.01 inches or 0.01 percent?


My goal is to weed out the extra g and m commands that CC outputs that my Shark does not understand.

With G20 active it would be 0.01".

Thanks. I am shooting the dark. I downloaded the G reference codes but they are rather arcane and I have found some cryptic references. I am beginning to understand but so far the light bulb is on very dim and has not yet come up to full brightness.

There is always an opportunity to learn with these hobbies :slightly_smiling_face:. Carbide Create (Pro) is making code to run on Grbl which does not support G64. You can use the generic output option which will not include Shapeoko specific data but it won’t add unsupported options. If you want to use the feature with your Shark you will need to edit the files manually. There is a reference to Shapeoko G-code here: lots of good data and useful links.

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Thanks for your input. I had found the G64 in some Vetric gcode files that had been processed with the Shark for PP. I think I have found what I needed to modify the GRBL and/or Generic Gcode PP files from the Carbide Create. I wrote up a draft that needs more work but it has the basics for using the Shark with CC gcode. I attached it if you are interested. You may have spare time with the stay at home.
Carbide_Create_for_Shark_Use.pdf (42.4 KB)

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