Help with motion

Can anyone help me figure out why my cut suddenly stopped, I can not even get it to where I can hit start and resume

I would:

  • take note of the line you’re on
  • turn off the router
  • turn off the machine
  • reboot the computer

then edit a copy of the file to resume at that point as noted at:

and power up the machine, connect, and then send the balance of the file to the machine.


Why? 99% chance it’s a USB Disconnect. You can search for it… a common issue/problem with the Shapeoko…

PS Be VERY Careful cutting a file as Will said. It can be done, but I usually recommend it for a very experienced CNC operator…one that can read gcode and knows all the modal commands are in place.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend that you set the Z about an inch (25mm) and dry run the (edited) program first.


I can confirm that - because I tried to do this and failed. Clearly I wasn’t in the…



Thanks a lot appreciate the feed back

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