Help with Plaque Finishe

I have seen some beautiful plaques and signs here in the last few months. I have made a plaque for my daughter and wife. I have attached pictures of the unfinished plaques below. I am looking for advice on how to make the letters pop out as well as the carvings. I would lke to finish these as close to natural and do not want to use stains, dies or paint to do this.

Please give me some ideas how to accomplish this. The more details the better. I did order the following book last night to start learning about new techniques so hopefully that will help but also know many of you here have great advice.


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I just use Deft Spray Lacquer — it’s the easiest, best finish I’ve found short of setting up a spray system, or doing the very traditional Tru-Oil.

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Hi, your signs look amazing. For wood I use linseed oil varnish after sanding and cleaning.
Maybe not everyone choice but if deliver a very antique touch.
Linseed oil varnish is an natural Paint made out of oil, invented around 1922. Should be very cheap.

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Same as @willadams I also like the Deft spray for a clean finish.
I could also see a hand rubbed oil finish having a nice antique look.

Test on the back of the pieces first with whatever you choose, Nice work! :clap: