Help with PolyLines

I am trying to create a file to cut out arms for a chair. I created the design with poly lines. In the design view I enlarged the screen and made sure I was touching node to node. When I show the simulation the poly lines cross over and the CC file estimates 144 minutes. The time is not the important factor to me. After I made sure all t he poly lines were connected I wanted to do a Boolean Union to create one object but the Boolean option is not available when I select all of the poly lines or even two at a time.

Any advise on how to join the 4 poly lines in each object together and get the contour cut to just cut around the outside of the whole object instead of possibly 4 separate sides.

The simulation would show that the cutout would be successful but the time is very long. The material is 1.5 inches thick with a #201 bit. I have some longer bits that I will use but for the design I was just using what I have in t he tool database.

Attached is the CC file and here are some screen shots of the design and the simulation.

swan_arm.c2d (16.6 KB)

The paths are unclosed/open (indicated by being magenta):

It should work to select, then use the “Join Vectors” command:

Once things are joined/closed the toolpath seems to do as expected/desired:


Thanks Will, as usual you were right. This is my first time making objects with the poly lines. I will add it to my list of things that I can do.

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