Help with screw ID

I found this screw on the floor in my shop. I check my machine and have not found a place for it. However, I did not take it apart looking for it. I just looked at it the best I could. Anyone have an ideal where it might go or if it even belongs to the machine. I noticed the screw head is different then the rest. All the other screws I seen have just an Allen head screw. This one has the Allen head and a slot in it.

I had a similar problem (a different screw) and sent a photo to support. They identified it for me in minutes and had be back on my way. Take the photo lengthwise as well and send it to them.

I never saw a slotted screw on my Shapeoko. I have a box I put all my mystery stuff in and eventually find its proper home.


Agreed, it doesn’t look like any of the bolts on my machine either.

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