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I just received and assembled my xxl I was just trying to figure thing out before I jump right on in. If, I were to try to make something with just text what kind of tootpath and cutting depths would you use. Thanks

With text the most common thing would be a vcarve. Normal vcarve the depth is controlled by how wide the lines are. The vee bit tries to go as deep as required to touch both sides of a line. There is advanced vcarve which is slightly different. You use a flat endmill to carve out a flat bottom for large areas limited to a depth you set and then the vee bit comes around the outside to make the vee shaped wall around the outside.

So there are two different ways to cut text with a vee bit. Another way to cut text is if it is big enough is to use an end mill and pocket it out so the side walls are straight. The text has to be wide enough for the bit to get inside and pocket it out. The reverse would be to put text on the page and draw a box around and pocket out the box and leave the text at the original height and the pocket lower. The bit must fit inside the letters to work.

Always use the simulation when carving either method. If the area is too small for the bits to fit into the area will not show up in the simulation. In that case use a smaller bit or make the area larger.

The advanced vcarve requires a BitSetter. Without a BitSetter a user has a web site that take the advanced vcarve file apart and make two separate files. You will have to look for it on the forum.

This stuff is like swimming. You can stick your toe in the water but you cannot get wet that way. Recommend you just jump in. If you make mistakes you will learn. No one is born with the knowledge of how to use a CNC. You acquire that knowledge through use and practice.

So just jump in the water is fine.


Thanks I appreciate the information and your right just gotta jump in sometime

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