Help with setup

I used the threads on stl files, and it was super helpful, but how do I move it around. I’m doing an epoxy river table. In the center, I want a battlefield cross and the POW MIA flag. I have both, but cant figure how to lay out, so they cut from the same stock in one go.

pow mia.c2d (326.0 KB)

The way to control where a pixel image appears is to draw in geometry which defines the outline of where you want the 3D design to appear/where you want the 3D cutting region to be and have that selected when you make the import — the image will be centered in that geometry.

I tried drawing a box and leaving the box highlighted while importing, but it still centered the image.

After more playing with it, here’s what I got. My biggest concern is how do I clean it up, and the math doesn’t add up between the stl conversion and my model. The final simulation is close.Gene’s river table.c2d (570.2 KB)

This works for me:

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