Help with the updated Carbide Create V7

Why does this updated program not include Shapeoko Pro as choice when setting up your machine?

The machine selection is an artifact from when the program limited stock size to match machine working area and calculated feeds and speeds based on chipload — it no longer does these things, so the machine selection is simply a reminder, and doesn’t actually do anything.

Thank you! When I tried to initialize my machine it made a terrible grinding sound and tried to go further than the bed size.

That is an issue w/ Carbide Motion and configuration and the homing switches, please see:


Let us know about this at

This not a new machine I bought it several years ago and it ran great until I undated the the V7 update. I still don’t quite understand why in the set-up guide it tells you to pick your machine and mine is not there to pick so I thought that was why it doesn’t home correctly.

What machine do you have and what choice did you make?

I have the Shapeoko Pro it is there to pick the first time but not the second when you are suppose to download.

What do you mean?

Please post a screen grab and let us know the specifics of the difficulty which you are having.

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